Tarab NYC

Tarab NYC is a non-profit serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and/or gender non-conforming Arab, Middle Eastern, and/or North African people in the greater New York City area. I designed the original logo, in addition to posters and banners, back when Tarab NYC was a monthly dance party in 2012. After it evolved into a fully fledged non-profit, I updated the logo and general visual language of posters to better reflect the organization as it stands today.
New Tarab NYC logo featured on Banner used for the NYC Pride parade in 2018.
Banner used for NYC Pride 2018, using the Tarab NYC logo and pride flag colors to create an arabesque motif in the background.
Two different versions of the logo, one to be used for left to right Latin script, and the other to be used with right to left Arabic script.
Previous Iterations of the Tarab NYC logo.
Posters and Banners for Tarab NYC Events

Marrakech Biennale 6

I Designed a number of invitations for events taking place during the 2016 edition of Marrakech Biennale.


In 2013 I was approached by alQaws, an organization for sexual and gender diversity in Palestinian society, to design an infographic poster that explains the services that alQaws provides for the community. The poster is divided into three main sections corresponding with the three levels of support that the organization provides: Individual well being, community building, and large-scale social change.