Palestine Festival of Literature (PalFest)

I was approached by PalFest in Late 2016 to completely re-design and develop their website. Over the course of the next few months I created a responsive bilingual WordPress based website with custom wordpress types using PHP, Javascript, Bootstrap. The website uses the html5 starter theme Sage and WordPress boilerplate tool Bedrock, both developed by Roots.

CRG Gallery

A responsive WordPress based website that was redesigned and developed around a large database of exhibitions, artworks, and artists that the gallery accumulated over the years using a Wordpress Plugin. The project was divided into two parts, redesigning the the user experience and interface of the website, and the developing the new wordpress website using the starter theme Sage, Bootstrap, Javascript/Jquery, and PHP. For more about the UX/UI redesign of the project, please visit the UX Documents Page.

Tabula Rasa

A Virtual Reality experience conceptualized and developed in 2017 for the exhibition Fruit of Sleep at Sursock Museum in Beirut, part of the 13th edition of Sharjah Biennial. The project was developed with Unity for the Oculus Rift and uses the Oculus Touch controller.

New City

New City A VR Project for Google Cardboard conceptualized and developed in 2016 using Unity. The project was part of the 2018 group exhibition: Todays Art Space Network at Daegu Art Factory, Daegu, South Korea, which later moved to Seoul at Alternative Space Loop under the name: Todays Art Space Network.