Over the past eight years I had the fortune of doing what I love, designing and developing Interactive Digital Media, in almost every professional and artistic capacity.

As a User Experience Designer I am driven by fulfilling and meaningful interactions with a digital product, and finding solutions to design problems through prototypes and the Iterative design cycle.

As a game designer I am interested in the relationship between systems thinking, ritual, and luck.

As an educator I am an advocate of cooperative learning environments in a hands-on studio setting.

As an artist my body of work lives in the intersection of science fiction, folklore, globalization, and anti-colonialism.
Iterative prototyping, game design, interactive narrative design, user testing & playtesting, templates and wireframes, usermaps, brainstorming, mockups.
Unity ( C#, VR, Mobile, and Desktop). HTML5 & Sass/CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Github, Processing, Arduino.

Some organizations that I worked with / for: